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Lose the Puppy: Lea and her hubby have been living in LA for a while and Lea is absolutely itching to be a star..
Lose the Puppy: Hot wife Lea has been going to audition after audition, hoping for her big break!
Lose the Puppy: This wife fantasizes about seeing a golden star on the sidewalk in Hollywood with her name on it!
Lose the Puppy: And her spineless husband Kade has been there for her the whole time..
Lose the Puppy: Lea feels good about today's audition, though.. something about it feels so right!
Lose the Puppy: She isn't going to let anything stand in the way of her becoming a star! Not even her husband!
Lose the Puppy: Jason has been a producer for longer than he cares to remember..
Lose the Puppy: He's seen them all.. for him, there's been nothing new under the sun for quite a while..
Lose the Puppy: Then Lea's resume crossed his desk. He was smitten. She was a goddess!
Lose the Puppy: He had to have all of her, a taste wasn't going to be enough in this case!
Lose the Puppy: When they met, he could feel her sexual energy exuding from her..
Lose the Puppy: She was going to be his own ticket to Bruckheimer-like heights..
Lose the Puppy: Now, if Jason could just convince her to lose that schmuck husband following her like a puppy..
Lose the Puppy: Kade has been nothing but loyal to his fame-hungry wife Lea..
Lose the Puppy: He stood by her side through the acting classes, the community theater groups and the empty comedy clubs..
Lose the Puppy: While her eyes filled with stars, his own lit up with the love he had for her..
Lose the Puppy: He'd do anything for her in her quest to touch the clouds..
Lose the Puppy: But would that include finding out what a producer's cock tastes like?
Lose the Puppy: Hot wife quests for glory, her submissive husband should help her, everyway she likes!
Love Hurts: There are only a few things in the world that wife Danica loves as much as feeling a hard cock..
Love Hurts: A hard cock pressed tightly into her wet pussy! And she is knowing that it isn't her husband's cock!
Love Hurts: Strangers' cock burrowing it's way through her soft folds! She makes her sissy husband watch..
Love Hurts: Sissy husband watches as she unrepentantly spreads her legs for any strange man that crosses her path!
Love Hurts: Lately, though, wife Danica's wanted to try something new in the bedroom!

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