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Princess Paige: Tonight's lesson is how to dispose of your alpha male superior's cum-filled condoms.
Goddess Jasmine: Goddess Jasmine knows that there's only one way to determine whether you're a real man - or a sissy.
Princess Paige: So she's going to teach you exactly how to accept your new second place status in the bedroom.
Goddess Jasmine: Because she caught you drooling over her massive boobs, Jasmine sends you to your knees..
Princess Harley: You're going to get punished and humiliated by bratty Harley.
Miss Tessa: To remind you that you no longer have boyfriend status in her life, your ex-girlfriend has gotten you a sissy maid uniform.
Goddess Jasmine: Amazon Jaz knows you are a wuss of a boss and now she's decided to take control of you.
Princess Harley: That's right, little miss wussy panties! Harley's in charge of you!
Princess Missy: Are you ready to become a lab rat for Princess? Remember, you'll never get a chance to worship her boots!
Princess Missy: Thigh boots, miniskirt, tight sweater and lacy lingerie are perfect for cockteasing her teacher.
Princess Paige: Princess Paige knows that you are jealous, angry, and nervous about becoming a cuckold.
Princess Missy: Yer gonna be Missy's 'lab rat.' When Missy teases the precum down your desperation boner..
Princess Harley: First Harley encouraged your woman to date other men cuckolding you..
Princess Paige: This experienced Woman is going to help you make your wife and her new boyfriend very happy!
Goddess Jasmine: Does it humiliate you that your college intern Jasmine towers over you in her high heels?
Princess Missy: Missy might even give you the cum command - so you can prove to princess how hot she looks.
Cruel Tessa: Looks like you're going to have to be punished and humiliated for your little lapse in judgment.
Princess Missy: 12 minutes of the greatest cock teasing action with lovely Princess Missy may be dangerous for you!
Goddess Jasmine: Tall and powerful Mistress sends you to your cucky knees and makes you suck a binky.
Goddess Jasmine: Jasmine is going to give you a good hard ass fucking with her strap-on cock. 5 punishing minutes.
Goddess Jasmine: Then Jasmine commands you to spill all your worship snot as she verbally emasculates you.
Miss Tessa: Now, then. Change into your uniform, give Mistress a curtsey and say, Thank you, Miss Tessa.
Goddess Jasmine: If you spooge the bed with sissy goo while she's fucking you? See if you can man-up.
Princess Harley: Because you are such a wimp and wussy. Then she decided to humiliate you..

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